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Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools Legislative Scholarship Program


$$$ Scholarship Opportunities $$$


Ohio High School Seniors

The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools is offering:

For 2011 More Than 280 Scholarship Opportunities

Over $ 1 Million Available

Excellent Opportunities for Post-Secondary Training in:

* Accounting * Business * Computer * Criminal Justice * Dental Assisting * Electronics * Medical Assisting * Paralegal * Technology * Veterinary Technology * Visual Communications * And more…

Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools
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Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614.487.8180/ Fax: 614.487.8190


The OACCS Legislative Scholarship Program for 2011

The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools, in cooperation with legislative members of the Ohio General Assembly and 41 participating career colleges and schools, is offering over 280 scholarships. The primary objective of these scholarships is to provide students with the education and training necessary to obtain a job in an Ohio business or industry.

Available scholarships may cover one-half tuition, or a specific dollar amount programs. Awards for each individual scholarship are not transferable to other programs or schools. Finances for the scholarships are borne by the member schools and colleges and no state funds are involved.

Who is eligible?

1. These scholarships are available to any high school senior graduating from any Ohio High School in June of 2011.

2. The applicant only needs a “C” average or better to apply. Students do not have to demonstrate financial need.

3. Each applicant must be nominated by a current member of the Ohio Legislature.*

4. Any recipient of a scholarship must be able to meet the college or school’s entrance requirements.

5. Each applicant is eligible to apply for up to three scholarships, but must use a separate application for each scholarship.

6. The scholarship recipient must start classes either the summer or the fall term following their high school graduation.

* See Item #6 in the How to apply section on following page.

Scholarship Information

1. Registration processing fees, books, lab charges, and student activity fees are to be paid by the student and will vary depending upon the school and the course of study.

2. The scholarship amount will be allocated over the length of the program.

3. Scholarships are not transferable from one school or program to another.

4. A scholarship committee will select the winner for each scholarship. The recipient must meet the requirements of the college offering the scholarship.

5. Scholarship winners will be notified no later than May 2, 2011.

Scholarship winners will be posted on the OACCS website:

How to apply

1. Choose a scholarship(s) from the list of available scholarships.

2. Complete the information on the Scholarship Application and obtain the appropriate signatures.

3. Submit two letters of recommendation with the application from teachers, counselors, employers or others.

4. A copy of your high school transcript (grades) and attendance records must accompany each application for the past 4 semesters and a verification of your Grade Point Average signed by the school guidance counselor or principal.

5. Submit a written statement of approximately 250 words explaining why you want a career in the field you have listed on this application and why you feel you will be successful in this field. This can be typed or handwritten, but must be on the standard 8 ½ X 11 paper. Your name, address, phone number and high school name should be printed in the upper left-hand corner.

6. Complete the Legislative Nomination Form and send to either your Ohio Representative or your Ohio Senator. The representatives and senators can be found by entering your zip code on one of the following web sites: or

NOTE: This form should be returned to you or your counselor from your legislator and then submitted with your application.

7. The deadline for application submission is April 1, 2011.

8. Applications are to be submitted to:

Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools
1328 Dublin Road, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614.487.8180/ Fax: 614.487.8190

Click here to see the College and Schools offering scholarships

Scholarship Application

Nomination Form

    More scholarship information will be posted on this site after November 1, 2010


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